Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well Hello There!

Wow! Can't believe that I have been MIA from here since February!  But anyways, here are just a few of the things that we have been up to since then!
Celebrated River's 2nd birthday with a train party! It was fun for everyone and River absolutely loved it. Stay tuned for a detailed party post!
Easter! Easter basket loot, Dyed easter eggs, egg hunt in just a shirt and diaper! (He was hot and also was soaking wet from playing in the fountain!), playing on Easter morning!
Lake day with friends!!

So there is just a little to catch you guys up. I'm going to try to get better about posting but we will see how that goes!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Mantle!

I got bit by the creativity bug one day this week and decided to decorate for Valentine's Day! I love how everything turned out and the best thing about it is that I only spent $2.50 on the whole thing! Everything I used I already had around the house besides the little white vases & I found them in the Target dollar bins for $2.50.

Heart Wreath: wreath form I've had since last year & awesome tissue fringe I also had in my craft closet!
Frame: frame from my bedroom, background is a red chevron treat bag that I had left over from Christmas, hearts cut out of pink vinyl with my Silhouette.
Rag Garland: leftover from last year!

Vases: $2.50 from Target, paper straws that I had from previous parties.
14 Sign: 2 pieces of wood that I got from one of my brother-in-law's projects, paint from previous projects, 14 stencil cut with my Silhouette. First I glued the 2 boards together & painted them white & let them dry.  Then I applied the stencil & painted the board pink. After it dried I removed the stencil and sanded it slightly to get the distressed look & that was all!
Candle Sticks: Stay on the mantle year long.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Year In Review

Rang in the new year, snow day, learned how to literally get into everything!

Became a complete charmer, celebrated Valentine's day in a "tuxedo", played at the park, wished mommy a Happy Birthday!

Playdate with Gavin, St. Patrick's Day, playing outside once again!

Had an amazing 1st Birthday Party, tried swimming lessons (fail!), started walking on my 1st Birthday,
Celebrated my 1st birthday with family! Can you tell we did a lot of celebrating in the month of April!

Beach Trip!

Fell in love with TowMater, bike rides with Mommy, bubble fun at Gymboree!

Rode a "roller coaster", played with his best friend, popsicles and swimming on the 4th of July, another beach trip!

First art project, watching dump trucks, got his first haircut! Also it seems like he grew into a toddler in August! Starting school, first haircut and growing a foot all in the same month!

Another beach trip to Florida and first visit to Disney World in the same trip!

Just another day at the park, pumpkin patch, Halloween party at school, trick-or-treating with Daddy & Browan ( Dressed up at Justin Bieber!)

Driving the tractor with Daddy on Thanksgiving, Browan's birthday party!

Decorated for Christmas, visit with Santa, rode his first Harley, Christmas morning!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Browan's Birthday!

River's cousin Browan turned 2 last week and had his birthday party at a great park in Greer.  All of the equipment is wooden and there are 2 seperate play areas, one for smaller kids and one for the bigger kids.  Everybody at the party really seemed to enjoy themselves, including the adults!  I can't believe Browan is already 2! These boys are growing up way too fast and definitely aren't babies anymore!
Slides are just too much fun, especially when you are with your cousin!
The weather for the party was just perfect and great for taking pictures as well!
The birthday boy and his cake! He was a little timid at first when everybody started singing but as the song went on he got more and more excited as you can tell!

I love this picture of all of the kids.  All of the different facial expressions really make me laugh! (Especially Marley because she is like "can we just go ahead and cut the cake please!")

Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Baby!

Last weekend a few friends and I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for a good friend!  To say I was excited about this would be a complete understatement! As soon as we decided on the colors we were using I went to work. I love planning parties and such because I always learn how to do something while preparing for them.  For this shower sewed my first ever table cloth, table runner with ruffle, and actually completed my first baby blanket! It was all about the little details and turned out great!

Food table and flower arrangement compliments of my Mom!
Cake, cake pops with stripey straws (kind of obessed with these straws and they come in so many different colors!) & treats to take home!
 The banner was quite possibly my favorite thing, I love how it turned out!, and what is a baby shower without presents?!

P.S. most of the ideas for the shower came from Pinterest! If you haven't checked it out you definitely need to!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


With the exception of River not being in the greatest mood on Thanksgiving due to a double ear infection, all in all it was a great day.  Awesome food and getting to spend time with family that we don't see often enough was just wonderful! Now here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Precious boy running around outside!

Can you tell he loves the tractor?!, failed attempt at Christmas card pictures, talking to Na-Na, taking a stroll with Mommy!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun!

River's Halloween fun started out with a party at school! Don't know if you can tell by the picture but all of the kids enjoyed their cupcakes except for River, go figure!

Halloween night we headed to Mimi's house for a halloween party, hayride and trick-or-treating.  It was fun to watch River this year because he is so funny! See if you can guess who he dressed up as?!

If you can't already tell he dressed up as Justin Bieber, and I must say it was the most precious thing ever!

Enjoying the hayride!

Trick-or-Treating with cousin Browan, who was a pretty convincing and cute skeleton! The little "Biebs" got tired so he had to catch a lift from Dad!

He really seemed to like his lollipop, wonder if he is going to be a candy freak like his auntie?!?!