Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 months...

Better late than never right :)

What River is up to this month!

- Weighs about 21 lbs.
- Has 3 teeth and working on more we think or at least we hope! Teething and River are not getting along too well right now!
- Becoming very mobile. Not crawling yet but knows how to get to something he wants.
- His favorite thing to do is stand up. We have a feeling he might walk before he ever crawls!
- Starting to pull up on things aka his crib and other things!
- Loves his swing that daddy got him!
- Also enjoys his walker and going into his daddy's room with all of the aniamals (deer, duck, etc...)
- Loves to get peoples attention and really knows how. He is such a charmer!

7th month in pictures!

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