Sunday, October 3, 2010

Around Here

Things have been pretty busy around these parts lately! But it seems that River is the busiest out of everyone lately!

He is seriously doing something new and different almost everyday!  Rolling, sitting, jumping, cutting teeth, you name and he is probably doing it.  It seems like since he turned 5 months old that everything has just taken off! I really can't believe that he will be 6 months old this week, time is just flying but he is also so much fun at the stage he is at right now (however, it is a just a tad bit tiring sometimes!)

He and Jackson are still the best of friends, although it doesn't seem like it in this picture!  The look Jackson has is hilarious, its like he is say "oh no, what is he about to do now!" It is so funny and sweet to see how they interact with each other.  River is constantly looking for Jackson and watching what he is doing. And if Jackson even hears the slightest cry from River, he goes to check on him...however, this isn't a good thing at nap time when he goes busting through River's bedroom door!

And just because I can't resist taking pictures of sleeping babies....


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